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Hack for Cities this year is spread across two rounds. The description and submission guidelines of each round are as follows: 


For round 1, teams are to submit a maximum of 8 page solution write-up based on how Quantum Computing can be used to solve the given problem statement. Please download and use this template for the solution write up:



The contents to be included in the solution write up include:

  • Selected area of focus 

  • Description of Identified problem 

  • Case study research/Data analytics/methods used to identify the problem 

  • The proposed application, potential, and analysis of Quantum Computing to solve the identified problem 

  • Technical implementation of the proposed solution (eg. solution architecture) 

  • Comparison between classical computing methods & proposed Quantum Computing application to solve the identified problem 

  • Feasibility analysis of the proposed solution

Our judging panel will be evaluating submissions based on:

  • Analysis of Problem Statement

  • Solution Analysis

  • Technical Implementation

  • Feasibility

  • Innovation


To ensure fairness for all teams, please follow the provided template and format closely. Any deviation from the provided format may result in penalties that will be unbeneficial for your team. All solution write-ups must be submitted by Tuesday, 5th September, 2359 hrs. Any late submissions will not be entertained.​


The top 10 solution write-ups will be shortlisted for round 2 and announced on our Telegram channel on Shortlisted teams will receive their solution write-up, including feedback/recommendations from our judges if applicable. Shortlisted teams will need to convert their solution write-up into a solution pitch while refining their proposed solution. 


The solution pitch will be in person on Friday, 15th September, video recordings of the presentation pitch will not be accepted. More details on the time and location will be announced at a later date. All slides must be submitted by Thursday, 14th September, 2359 hrs, no changes or late submissions will be accepted. 

All teams will be given 10 minutes (inclusive of any videos) to pitch their solution to our judging panel, and 5 minutes for Q&A. Please follow the given timings closely to ensure fairness for all teams. Any deviation from the provided format may result in penalties that will be unbeneficial for your team. The winners will be selected towards the end of the solution pitch session. 

Important note: On the presentation day, if you or any of your team members are feeling unwell, please drop us a message on our Telegram channel immediately, and we will make alternative arrangements for you.

Link to submit the pitch deck will be released separately to individual teams.

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