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  • Will this hackathon be held virtually or physically?
    Hack for Cities will be held in a hybrid format. The kick-off session will be held virtually. The Top 10 Teams will present their solutions, and pitches will be done physically at SGInnovate.
  • Is the hackathon free to join?
    Yes, this Hackathon is free to join. We only ask for the participants' eager commitment. :)
  • What is the general timeline for this hackathon?
    You can refer to the timeline below for the Code For Cities hackathon timeline.
  • What is the theme for this year’s Hack for Cities Hackathon?
    This year’s theme is “Quantum-centric Supercomputing for Smart Cities”. In collaboration with IBM and IMDA, this year’s Hack for Cities will focus on generating insights on how quantum computing can be used to solve problems faced in the various aspects of a Smart City (E.g. Singapore).
  • What is the problem statement?
    The problem statement will be released on our website on the 2nd of September. More details will be released on our website.
  • What are the deliverables for Hack for Cities 2023?
    Round 1: Teams are to submit a solution write-up (8 pages maximum) based on how quantum and high performance computing can be used to solve the presented Smart City problem statement. ​​Solution write-ups are to be submitted by Tuesday, 5th September, 2359 hrs Round 2: The top 10 solution write-ups will be shortlisted and announced on our telegram channel on Tuesday, 12th September. Shortlisted teams will then proceed to convert and refine their solution write-up into a solution pitch, to be submitted by Thursday, 14th September, 2359 hrs. Participants will be given 10 minutes to pitch their solution to our judging panel on Friday, 15th September. The winners will be selected towards the end of the solution pitch session.
  • What are the prizes for Hack For Cities 2023?
    For this year’s hack for cities hackathon, the prizes are as follows:
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