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Since 2019, SMU Smart City Society has been organising talks, workshops and hackathons to value-add student experience in the area of Smart Cities. In 2021, we expanded our range of programmes with SCULPT, a programme with weekly discussions on issues in Smart Cities. In the next year, we had our very first Smart City AdVenture (SCAV), where participants went around the city to understand Smart City applications in Singapore. Read more about our events below!

Hack for Cities

Hack for Cities is our annual flagship hackathon. The hackathon aims to challenge participants to think of technological and innovative solutions to problems in Smart Cities. Our sponsors from previous runs include Surbana Jurong, IBM and IMDA. Read more about the 2023 run of our Hack for Cities hackathon here!


The SCULPT programme another of our flagship events which spans over a few weeks during the academic term. Through this programme, participants are exposed to Smart City concepts and applications through insightful conversation and discussions with industry partners in diverse sectors. The programme also aims to create a collaborative and sustainable co- learning community. Read more about SCULPT 2023 here!


SCAV is a scavanger hunt like event which aims to allow our participants to discover smart city elements in Singapore in a fun and insightful manner. Through this event, participants will be able to gain a greater awareness of the physical environment around us through the context of a Smart City. Read more about SCAV 2022 here!

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