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We are a student club under the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) which aims to value-add student experiences in the field of Smart-City Management and Technology through workshops which incorporate topical discussions on Smart City issues. Our members will also get to participate in workshops and hackathons, and apply technologies such as analytics and IoT to help solve urbanization problems.

Our club began in 2019 as SMU Anthill Society as an Special Interest Group under Ellipsis, the student representative body of the SMU School of Computing & Information Systems (SCIS). Since then, we have organized workshops and hackathons to value-add student experience in the area of Smart Cities. Our flagship events include the Antbytes hackathon, Code for Cities hackathon and the SCULPT program.

In 2021, we moved under the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) and renamed ourselves from SMU Anthill Society to SMU Smart City Society. Since then, we continue to build a collaborative and Interdisciplinary Anthill Community by growing our membership base across the different faculties, attracting interdisciplinary talents and passionate actors for smart cities. Our involvement in the Association Public Affairs (APA) also ensures continued engagement with industry and public sector.


To be the one-stop platform for students interested in the field of Smart Cities and its related Technologies. 


Sustainable Living in Cities

Maintain Strong Industry-Academia Link

Anthill - a Collaborative Community

Reach Citizen Stakeholders

Technologically Innovative

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