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Using a NFC sticker

Hi everyone, in this article, we will be going through how to utilise the NFC sticker given out by SMU Smart City Society. In an NFC sticker, it consists of a NFC tag. With this NFC tag, we can program it with an application so that when a NFC-capable phone is placed or “tapped” on it, the programmed action is executed. Examples of usage of such NFC tags include displaying a website, switching your phone to silent mode, saving a contact number, and many other possible actions.

To begin programming the NFC tag, we must first download an application to help us do that. We will be making use of the application NFC tools, which are available for both iOS and Android on the Apple store and Play store respectively.

After downloading the application, please follow the following steps to program your NFC stickers to reflect a website.

STEP 1: Open the application and click on the Write button

STEP 2: Go to Add a record, then URL/URI

STEP 3: Enter your URL, into the field then press OK

STEP 4: Press Write, and scan your NFC sticker

And that’s it, you have just successfully programmed your first NFC sticker to show a website.

Feel free to explore other usages of NFC stickers! :D

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