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Code for Cities 2022 has ended, thank you to all participants for their amazing submissions. Congratulations to the following teams on their achievements:

1st Place: Team Five Guys

2nd Place: Team The Fivemuscodeteers

3rd Place: Team AkaTsuki

Most Unique Solution: Team AkaTsuki

Once again, a big thank you to our partners, IBM, IMDA NQCH, our judges, mentors and everyone who made this possible!


The Code for Cities hackathon is a yearly event organised by SMU Smart City Society. The hackathon aims to expose participants to real-life industry problems, networking, and possible internship opportunities with our participating industry partners. This year, SMU Smart City Society is honoured to have IBM Singapore and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) as our partners for Code for Cities 2022.

The theme for the hackathon this year is “Quantum Computing in Smart Cities”, focusing on how quantum computing can be used to solve problems faced in the various aspects of a Smart City (e.g. Singapore).  More information about the theme and the problem statement will be released in our upcoming industry talks and our kick-off session on the 26th of August. You can head over to our discord channel for the latest updates and announcements! 


Not to worry if you do not have prior knowledge in Quantum Computing, as this Hackathon focuses more on evaluating the use of Quantum Computing and its potential applications to solve Smart Cities’ problems. There will also be an Introductory workshop to Quantum computing by the IBM Quantum Research team, read more about the workshop here. The workshop is free for all to join, and the link to the workshop will be uploaded onto our discord channel.


For latest announcements & updates. join our official discord channel:

problem statement

How can Quantum Computing be used to solve problems faced in Smart Cities?

Teams are to focus on one of the following 3 areas for this hackathon:

  • Smart Environment

  • Smart Healthcare

  • Smart Mobility

Key outcomes: 

  • Identify new and promising areas of focus in Smart Cities where Quantum Computing can play a huge role

  • Identify problems in the areas of focus which cannot be solved by conventional methods and algorithms, but may potentially be addressed with Quantum Computing.

Kick-off session recording can be found here


This year’s Code for Cities Hackathon will be held in a hybrid format. The kick-off session for Code for Cities will be done virtually, while the final presentations will be done physically to our judging panel. Details of the kick-off session & final presentations will be released on a later date on our discord channel.

The hackathon this year is spread across two rounds. The description of each round is as follows: 

  • Teams are to submit a 3-4 page solution write-up based on how Quantum Computing can be used to solve the given problem statement. 

  • Solution write-ups are to be submitted by 31st August, 0800 hrs


  • The top 5 solution write-ups will be shortlisted and announced on our discord channel. Shortlisted teams will then proceed to convert and refine their solution write-up into a solution pitch.

  • Participants will be given 10 minutes to pitch their solution to our judging panel on the 2nd of September. The winners will be selected towards the end of the solution pitch session. 


Please refer the submission guidelines and judging rubrics for each round here

Team & Sign up

Open to all undergraduates and postgraduates studying in a Singapore-based Institute of Higher Learning

Choose to sign up as an individual or as a team

Teams should consist of 2-5 members, we recommend a team of 3-5 members

Click on the buttons to sign up now!

Sign-up as teams of 2 - 5 or sign up individually. Teams can be composed of any mix of disciplines, year, and university. If you are an individual and would want us to match you up with other individuals, please let us know by indicating in the registration form. If you are a team with some extra space in your group and welcome new participants joining our group, let us know by indicating in the registration form as well. This option is only open to teams with 2 - 4 members. Sign-ups closes on 28th August, 2359 hrs.


2nd Prize

Cash Prize of $1,200

Internship Opportunities with IBM

Certificate of participation


1st Prize

Cash Prize of $2,000

Internship Opportunities with IBM

Certificate of participation


3rd Prize

Cash Prize of $800

Internship Opportunities with IBM

Certificate of participation


Winning teams will be invited to visit Quantum Research labs at Nanyang Technological University, courtesy of the National Quantum Computing Hub. Lastly, we have also prepared a cash prize of $500, Certificate of Participation and SWAG Bag for the team who excelled in our special category. The top 10 teams will also receive a Certificate of Participation and SWAG Bag, so sign up now!

In Collaboration with


With support from

National Quantum

Computing Hub

Informal_SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship logo-H.png

Read more about our partners here!



Release of Shortlisted Teams

  • Top 5 teams will be shortlisted for the Round 2 Presentation Pitch

  • Shortlisted teams will be announced on Discord

Presentation Pitch & Winner Selection

  • Selection of top 3 teams based on finalised judging criteria

  • Selection of winners and Prize Presentation


For more information and FAQs about the hackathon, please visit our FAQs page here.

Join our official CFC2022 Discord Channel here!

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