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IBM Introduction to Quantum Computing workshop

Thank you to all who have signed up and attended the workshop. For the resources shared during the workshop, please visit our discord channel!

Not to worry if you've got no experience in Quantum Computing, as the IBM Quantum Research Team will be conducting a workshop on Quantum Computing. The workshop will give a brief inspiration and introduction to the world of quantum computing, exploring the possible potential and need to look into such a new paradigm of computing, proceeding further with an introduction to the Qiskit SDK as a tool to program quantum computers on the cloud using the IBM Quantum Experience platform. The workshop will also touch briefly on one of the Qiskit application modules, the Qiskit Machine Learning module, as a tool to rapidly prototype and experiment with newer models that leverage quantum computing.  The workshop will be held on the 12th of August, from 1300 - 1700, on Webex.

More details will be released on our Discord channel!

Workshop Agenda

1 hour

Introduction to Quantum computing and brief motivation

  • Why Quantum?

  • Why Quantum now?

  • Potential use cases for this paradigm

1 hour

Introduction to the Qiskit SDK on IBM Quantum Experience

  • Overview of the architecture

  • Basics of circuit building

  • If time allows, running circuits on real backends

1 hour

Introduction to Qiskit Application module: Qiskit Machine learning

  • Hands-on with some of the basic models that can be prototyped and explored.

Workshop Resources

All publicly shareable slides, notebooks and materials for the workshop will be hosted on a Github repository. It will be shared on the workshop day for participants to openly access and download at any time and anywhere. Please visit our discord channel for more resources related to the workshop.

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